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Welcome to the online collection of Maya Angelou Projects. It all started when the Niskayuna High 9 Honors English Class finished the book, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. After all the essays and projects where completed this web page evolved into what it is before you. This page is here to introduce our 9 Honors writers to the mighty World Wide Web.


Stamps News
The front page of Stamps News. With leading journalist Maggie Proulx, reporting on Sister Monroe's latest out-break.

Opening to Class Debate
The opening statement to a Class Debate on whether or not I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings should be taught schools. This was written by Jason Putorti.

A Poem Inspired by Maya Angelou
A poem by Stephanie Palmer, inspired by Maya Angelou's Life.

Biography/Thesis Essay
This paper is also by Jason Putorti.

The Complete Caged Bird Vocab
Compiled by Jason Putorti.

Qoutes from each Chapter
Selections from each chapter which are most effective, and beautifully written... Paul LaMalfa

Interpretation of Poems
An interpretation by Vicki Liang, of two poems written by Maya Angelou

Supporting Paper
This paper supports the book staying in schools. By Maggie Proulx

Make it possible for Maya's dream to last forever!
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